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Giving Thanks: Mama Style

Here are the top 10 things I’m thankful for this holiday season: 10. Driving. Sounds incredibly basic, but today millions of women around the world still aren’t able to. Suck on that Saudi Arabia! (If that offends you, I suggest you stop reading immediately.) 9. Butt Warmers.  Because Mama likes the junk in her trunk lightly toasted, thank you. 8. Leaving NYC–I am so thankful...

Supercar Sunday

It's an American institution!  Madonna's gonna be there! There's a zip line! However much the hype, I just can't get into Superbowl Sunday.  I'll tell you what I CAN get into– SuperCAR Sunday. This fantastic thing happens every Sunday, in the Macy's parking lot in Woodland Hills. Sure it sounds completely unsexy, but unlike a lot of the other So Cal automotive gatherings (Mini dudes in...

Mama hits the road

Rumor has it that there is civilized life outside of Los Angeles.  Suspicious, but in the bad books with my family in NorCal, I hesitantly hit the road. Less than an hour outside of LA on Thanksgiving Day, I’m shocked to see this: No, not the empty freeway, the Carls Jr or the X5 (though all are yummy)– the white stuff on top of the...

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