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7 Reasons Why 2015 Didn’t Suck

Let’s be real, 2015 had a lot of bad news. Paris, Syrian refugees, Nepalese earthquake and shootings, shootings and more shootings.  So many icons fell from grace: Bill Cosby, VW and dare I say bacon?  My cat ran away and my mother died.  It’d be easy for me to cover myself in cocaine and Nutella and spend 2016 binging on Netflix.  But, my friends, I’m...

5 Unexpected Reasons To Get Excited About Autonomous Cars

One of the great reveals at this year’s LA Auto Show was the autonomous car concept by Volvo.  Like everything else they’re doing these days, it was sophisticated, elegant and really well thought through (words that won’t end up on my headstone, but I digress…).  However, up until recently, I’ve had a real problem embracing the autonomous driving concept. Mainly because I love to drive and...

Only In LA: The (Post Op) Petersen Museum

Mama heads over to the new & improved Petersen Automotive Museum to check it out before it opens. Is it awesome? I dunno, do you like Entourage, penthouses and scratch & sniff Daniel Craig? How about Ferraris, Bugattis or the 1933 Duesenberg that cleaned up at Pebble Beach? I thought so…watch this:  

Car Slut Confessions: Pantera Perversion

When I was a tween, I was an avid babysitter.  It seemed like a total racket, all I did was play with other people’s kids, eat their food and they gave me cold hard cash!  It was awesome.   There was this one family, however, that had 5 high strung kids where you really had to work for it.  But the first time I sat...

Mama’s Top 10 From The 2015 LA Auto Show (video)

Mama tours the Los Angeles Auto Show ahead of time to weed out the crap and highlight the awesome to save you some time.  This includes a little something from Porsche, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Ford, Honda and BMW. Get downtown and check it out! (If I were smarter, I’d get the video to freeze on a pretty face.  This’ll have to do..)

Tuesday Test Drive: Lexus rx450h F-Sport

Mama drove me the new Lexus rx series in Charleston, SC. I even brought the pimp rx450 hybrid F Sport to the local, very colorful Cars & Coffee.  And I had a ball! Check it out: