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Mini Motorhead: Josephine Perez, Kart Racer

I’ve got a mom crush. It’s real. It’s serious. It’s undeniable.  The object of my affection is this little princess named Josephine. Adorable right? Well she’s about to get a lot cuter, because most of the time when I get news about Josephine, she’s doing this: and this: That’s right. This 5 year old wunderkind is a kart racer.  I know what you’re thinking, Oh...

5 Cars Freya Is Into & Why You Should Care

This is Freya, my 10 year old daughter: I know what you’re thinking 1) OMG, she’s adorable. Thanks, I know.. 2) This seems like nepotism. You betcha! It’s a great American past time;  I’m just being patriotic. & 3) This doesn’t seem relevant. Not what you expect from a first class automotive journalist like myself.  (insert laugh track)  But listen people, this young lady is our future....

How To Keep Your Kids 64% Safer

Sometimes I get really excited about stuff. This is one of those times, because it may just make all teen drivers safer.  If you’re a parent, an aunt, an uncle or a teen about to start driving…pay attention. Teen driving safety program. Sounds like a snooze-fest.  But former pro-driver Doug Herbert has created one that’s fun, effective & FREE!   After studying the data from...

Best Bumper Stickers of 2016 (slideshow)

Although 2016 was an election year, plenty of wonderful things happened on with Bumper Stickers that had nothing to do with politics.  A few were even featured in my Freak of the Weeks during the past year. I’m happy to see that I see more and more Bumper Stickers these days.  Please send me  your best!    

5 Cool Car Things To Do With LA Kids

School’s out, for..winter?  Yeah, as all LA Unified parents are deftly aware, LA Kids will be on the loose in our fair city for 3 chaos filled weeks beginning today!  I can hear the Merlot pouring from here. But don’t panic people, Mama’s got 5 amazeballs solutions to keep your little people outta your hair and away from their iPads. Caution: they may even learn...

Kids & Cars: What Will Gen Z Drive?

Kids & Cars. Who cares right? Just put ’em in the back seat, plug ’em into a device and hope they shut up. But kids know a lot more about cars than we give them credit for (see my Mini Motorhead Series).  This weekend, I went to the Alt Car Expo in Santa Monica to ask kids which cars were cool, which cars weren’t and...

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