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Mama’s Monterey Shopping List 2018

August is my favorite month to abandon my children. Sorry, but it’s true. I do a lot around here, so I think it’s perfectly cool if my husband is in charge while I head to the Bay Area to sip champagne on a seaside golf course to look at priceless cars. Good luck with that back-to-school stuff, honey. Mama’s got a date in Monterey! But...

Dude or Dbag: The Outfits Of Radwood 2

Ain’t nothin’ like a 80s/90s themed car show to make you feel old as f*ck. This was the case this weekend in Anaheim, where I witnessed perhaps the most depressing thing ever–my glory years on display.. as history. Oh, Radwood, why’d you have to do it?  But honestly, it’s a great show. It reminds me why this was such an excellent era for cars: These...

LA Auto Show 2014: The Good, The Bad, The WTF

LA Auto Show 2014 made me laugh, it makes me cry, it’s better than “Cats.”  This year was no exception, but it also had more surprises than RuPaul’s lingerie drawer.  Here’s the lowdown. This year, The Good included remastered vintage vehicles from our Southern California masters: Rick Dore (Lords Of The Car Hoards), Magnus Walker (Urban Outlaw) and Singer Automotive.  Rick showed this stunning “Black Pearl”...

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