The Welcome To LA Radio Playlist

Well, it’s here. That time of year when the rest of the country is straight up done. They’ve had enough driveway shoveling and sunlight deprivation and have finally bitten the bullet and bought those tickets to LA for Spring Break.  Quite often, they’ll call their friend in Topanga and ask casually her about that guest house (it’s occupied), her car (it’s busy) and maybe if she’ll be around (prob not) before booking that Air BnB.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m super stoked to see you. your hotel 🙂  Now let’s get you in the mood for your visit and the glory that is driving in LA with the perfect radio playlist:

In the morning, you’re gonna listen to college radio. What? No, really. And its gonna be in the valley. Huh? Yup. Deal with it. Because of this guy:

Photo courtesy: 88.5 KCSN

He’s Nic Harcourt. You’ve heard his voice before, probably saying “Jag-U-Ar” during a commercial voiceover. But here in LA, he’s the man that’s singlehandedly kept us all from being thinking “there’s nothing but crap on the radio.”  A long time host of KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic, Nic now has a show on 88.5 which is KCSN and it’s SO worth driving even close to the valley to pick up his morning show because it will blow your mind.

Then, in the middle of the day, you’re going to listen to Jonesy.

Photo courtesy: 95.5 KLOS

Oh you bet your sweet Sex Pistol that Steve Jones has radio show here in LA.  And if you’re not already laughing your ass off enough from watching him play his guitar naked on his Instagram, you’d better listen up. Actually, you should tune in anyway because he gets the best guests and because he’s Steve Jones. He can ask even the biggest celebrities pretty much anything, including “Did you shag her?” and more often then not, they answer. Why? Because you don’t say no to the Grand Poobah of Punk Rock.

Then, before you hit traffic, you’re probably going to want to check in and see what’s happening in the real world.  And, let’s face it, it’s gonna suck. So repeat after me “Chee- O-Tay-Kiss.” Say it three times. Good. Now look at this adorable face:

Photo courtesy: KCRW

Does that look like a man that will tell you anything depressing? Of course not! It’s Steve Chiotakis and he’s an LA treasure, even if the news he has to report in the afternoon is depressing af..but that’s not his fault.  Especially when he’s got this sidekick:

photo courtesy: KCRW

Now say “Kay- John” three times. Because this is Kajon Cermak and she’s just as cheeky as she looks. How could she not? She reports on LA traffic, for F’s sake! In that gig, she’s got two choices: be suicidal or hilarious. Luckily for us, kids, she’s chosen the later. Kajon says amazing things like, “Well traffic’s not that bad, considering there’s a sofa in the middle of the 405.”  These two can make even the most hideous commute feel fantastic with their great banter and awesome chemistry.

Of course, LA is famous for Kevin & Bean on KROQ who are still funny after all of these years.  And then there’s the hardest working man in entertainment, Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM. But least but not least.. we’ve got Big Boy.

photo courtesy: Big Boy Twitter

Despite his dramatic weigh loss, he’ll always be big to me, because he’s as funny as he is over the top. Big Boy is now syndicated across the country, as he damn well should be, because his Phone Taps with Luther Luffeigh are funny enough for you to snort out your Starbucks. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So when you come to LA, don’t just plug in your playlist.  Take it like a local, baby! Listen to our radio and these awesome personalities because with them as your soundtrack, you may be stuck in traffic hell, but you’re still in good company.

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