I have such fun talking to Brits cuz we can geek out over my Anglo-automotive disorder (I love English cars). Check out my session with Ian Wright from Both Hand Drive & his awesome Podcast:

I had a ball being on Ike’s Podcast, check it out here:

Motorhead Mama, aka Amelia Dalgaard

I love doing podcasts. I’ve been on Future Motoring x2 (I hear that with 5 visits, we get a special velvet robe)!

In December 2016, I was the featured guest on the ‘Future Motoring’ podcast, where I gave my own, special take on the new Subaru Impreza and the Tesla Model X. I’m proud to say that I got them to use the ‘explicit’ tag for the very first time. #winning

How I Drive | Motorhead Mama, Amelia Dalgaard

Motorhead Mama

This week’s “How I Drive” profile focuses on one awesome lady who we met in person at the New York Auto Show last week–Amelia Dalgaard, the Motorhead Mama.Amelia is a cool chick, and her passion for autos makes her even cooler. Her humor shines through creative navigation items on her website, with titles like “Dude, or Douchebag?” and “Car Slut Confessions”, which are sure to elicit a click out of visitors. But Motorhead Mama’s sense of humor doesn’t stop there…just keep reading.

Motorhead Mama mountainsLocation: Los Angeles

Daily Driver: 2011 BMW X5 M

Time Spent Driving/day: Should be 20 minutes, but it’s 2 hours. This is LA.

Road Most Traveled: PCH, Topanga Canyon & the 10 Freeway

Driving Style in One Word: Bad-ass

In-Car Must-Haves: 

  • Duct tape (for the kids)
  • Camera (for crazy car spotting)
  • MM parking tickets (for freaky car sightings)

Driving Tunes: With kids: Iggy Azalea; Without: Public Enemy

Time-saving technique: I prefer to do my own Botox at stop lights.

Hanging from rear view: Nothing, I drive too fast for decorations.


This blog is as much about one woman’s passion for cars as it is about the car culture in Los Angeles. The woman behind this very influential automotive blog creates very interesting posts on topics like Freaks of the Week. This section of the blog post highlights the varying degrees of self-expression and sheer craziness reflected in a car fanatic’s vehicle such as one  Wacky Volvo Wagon that at first glance looks like the result of an apocalypse but of which Motorhead Mama concludes is a work of art.

In addition to posting reviews or opinion pieces on the wackiest and downright extraordinary vehicles that LA residents have to offer, the site also provides more unique content. That’s because Motor Mama has a great sense of humor and talks the real talk that will make even those who aren’t particular about cars get interested. Take for instance her low down on the  Telsa Model X, a car that was delayed for 3 years before finally hitting the market. The eye-catching title of this post gives only a preview to this blog’s rumbustious humor.

Motorhead Mama is really a down to earth blog with high-quality content from a woman who knows what she’s talking about. A visit to this site will open your eyes to what the automotive world has to offer, from paint jobs to parking jobs to false advertising, the inroads of limos and secrets to car upholstery, there are simply few things that Motorhead Mama doesn’t cover.