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Get A Grip! How To Hold Your Steering Wheel

Dear Steering Wheel User, You’re wrong! All wrong! Totally wrong! But I was too.  But I’ve seen the light. Changed my ways. And I wanna change yours too (cuz I love you). So listen up! Let’s start with this: This...

Freak of the Week: Laker Fan Van

So you think you’re a Laker fan. Really? Why is that? Because you bought a season pass?  You slapped a bumper sticker on your Prius? A vanity plate on your Merc? Or perhaps your ass has a Laker tattoo? Well,...


How To Drive In The Rain Like A Boss-lady (video)

Driving in the rain. Everyone thinks they’re good at it and almost no one is.  Except maybe the English.  But I digress. It’s Springtime and with that comes Spring Showers. So Mama’s here with a little refresher on how to...

Mama’s 5 Tips For A Better Car Wash (video)

As the East Coast braces itself for #Snowmageddon2017, here in LA, the rain stopped for just long enough for us to get back to the important stuff, like getting to the car wash.  In Southern California, washing your own car...

Test Drive: Tesla Model X Isn’t Really All That (video)

In December, I wrote a post for this new service called Green Commuter, which is awesome.  Please check it out here. As a part of my compensation, they gave me a Tesla Model X to drive for a week, which...

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