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Freak Of The Week: Leopard De Ville

Please turn, please turn, please turn, you delicious 70s land yacht! These were the thoughts pumping through my brain as I saw this 1977 Sedan De Ville cruise down Ventura Boulevard. Happily for me (and you) we were both going to...


First Date: Jeep Compass

I recently went to a Jeep event to see the all new 2017 Jeep Compass. A tasty little nugget of compact SUV goodness. Here is my completely biased, ultra-opinionated first impression. These days, it seems like everyone is asking me to...

Only In LA: Roadside Barnyard

The other day, I saw something truly remarkable. I know, it’s a white Chevy Equinox parked near some trails in Topanga.  Nothing to see here. But what makes this woman and her car extraordinary are its occupants. Including this: Yes,...

Only In LA: My Day In Rolls Royces

I know what you’re thinking: Mama, you drove a Rolls? Maybe two? No, don’t be ridiculous. I’m not THAT pretentious. But the other day, I had a really weird experience, one that can only be told through the magnificent, multi-million dollar...

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