Car Slut Confessions: Mini Van Fantasyland

I have a horrible fantasy. It’s dark, disturbing and completely out of character. But when I’m honest with myself, it’s very, very real. I sometimes fantasize that I drive a mini van. And it’s not just any mini van, it’s a white Honda Odyssey with family stick figures and a school mascot and everything. It’s got tiny wheels, regular plates and more cup holders than...


New York Auto Show: The Good, The Bad, The WTF

Ah, New York City. The taste of hot dogs, the steam on the sidewalks, the stench of human waste.. what a town! Going back to NY is always great, but this year was special because it’s been over a decade since I’ve been to the NY Auto Show. That’s right, since I was 8..more or less. Here are the high, low, & wtf lights from...


March’s Mini Motorhead: Gus

I have a friend named Gus. Ok, she’s really my daughter’s friend and her name is really Augusta, but that’s besides the point. Point is, how can I not love a kid that sends me selfies like this: A Peeps Car? Who knew there was a Peeps Car? Gus did, that’s who. It’s a full size VW Beetle in front of a candy store in...


Dad’s Top 10 Tough Love Driver’s Ed Techniques (video)

Check out Mama’s father’s failsafe way to ensure that you kids will be fantastic behind the wheel. But don’t think they’re gonna like it… Check out this contest to win a set of tires from Michelin: **This post is sponsored by SheBuysCars & Michelin Tires**


Freak Of The Week: American Idiot

Ok, maybe that’s a little harsh. But it certainly isn’t American genius. Let’s set the scene. I’m driving through Westwood, a part of LA that is uncharacteristically city-like, filled with high rises and active sidewalks. Westwood is also the home of UCLA, so the main thoroughfare is packed with professors in jalopies & foreign students in Ferraris. On this day, I saw something really different....