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LA Auto Show 2016: 6 Blister Worthy Reasons To Go

The LA Auto Show Is Here. “But it’s DOWNTOWN,” you cry. “Where will I park?” you wonder. “It’s so big,” you a baby. Oh come on, people! The LA Auto Show is fantastic and plus, it’s one of the rare opportunities to walk for hours in our fair city without the threat of being flattened by a Prius. So slap on a few Band...

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Dude or Dbag: Outfits Of The LA Auto Show

Fresh off of the LA Auto Show press days, I’m now back at work, trying to address what is likely your biggest question, “What was everyone wearing?” Auto journalists are not exactly known for their keen fashion sense. Given that most spend their time either driving (on their butts), writing (sitting down) or drinking (again, on the ass) it isn’t a profession particularly conducive to...


Test Drive Tuesday: Chrysler Pacifica (Holy Cow It’s A) Hybrid

Minivans are kinda like sweatpants.  Every mom secretly loves them, but most never, ever want to be seen in them. No matter how practical, how easy, how economical it is,  a mini van, like sweatpants, just feels like you’ve given up.  The husband says “no, it’s totally cool”, “it’s kinda sexy” & “you look great”– we all know he’s either saying ‘please drive a cheap car...

Mercedes-Benz Concept X-CLASS stylish explorer – Exterieur, Weißmetallic ;

Mercedes-Benz Concept X-CLASS stylish explorer – Exterior, White metallic;

Mercedes Benz Pick Up? 5 Hell Yeah Reasons!

Automakers have to do a lot of crazy stuff to create buzz in between new car debuts.  One of these “stunts” a few years ago included Mercedes teasing a pick up truck concept. The reaction in many cases, was full on eye roll status.  Now, MB has both confirmed the truck’s development and recently showed the production version in the flesh: So this is happening people....

vw atlas

VW Atlas: The Lure Of Forgiveness

You know that boyfriend you had once?  The one with the great smell, the great kisser and of course, the great sex? Man, you two were so happy.  Then he went and did something really dumb. You were sad, depressed, heartbroken.  And when he came back, after shaving off that nasty ass goatee & going to the gym, begging for your forgiveness, did you take him...


Freak of The Week: FrankenBeetle

Do you ever see something out of the corner of your eye and think, ‘Wait! What the hell was that? Was that real or just my imagination?’ ‘Nah, it couldn’t be.’ ‘But what if it was?’ This the game I’ve been playing with this car for 3 years: I’d see it often, but never in full view. A passing glance here.  A quarter view there....