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How did a nice girl from Connecticut become the unfiltered voice of LA’s car culture? It has a lot to do with her badass friends…

Words rule! Smartass intolerant need not apply.

Lots of cars. Lots of dogs. Share your #dudeordbag and #freakoftheweek

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This one is profesh. Industry news and my PG-13 posts.


Where it all started. A naughty, no nonsense approach to what to drive, what to wear, and how not to be a dbag behind the wheel. Read it here


My YouTube Channel has hilarious stuff like sexy Mexican traffic cops, my daughter co-piloting a Vanderhall Venice, and me talkin’ dirty to a Volvo sales guy…

President, Motor Press Guild 2019

Board of Directors, 2017-2018

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Do you know a Motorhead Mama? How about a Mini Motorhead? From t-shirts to hoodies to those shopping bags you’ll inevitably leave in your car, there’s something for everyone. Plus, it supports my bad habits!