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Ferrari Purosangue
Dear Ferrari Lovers, Time To Love the Purosangue SUV

I know you want to hate it. It sounds wrong. It sounds like sacrilege. But if you love Ferrari, you …

Lucid Air Touring Review: Elon Who?

I’ll never forget the expression on her face when I drove up the driveway. Mouth wide open, eyes wid…

What Would Harrison Ford Drive? The Cars of ‘Shrinking’

It’s funny. It’s heartbreaking. It’s eerily accurate. If you haven’t seen Ap…

Dude Or Dbag: the Genesis Invitational

I didn’t plan on writing a Dude or Dbag about the Genesis Invitational. In fact, I wanted to w…


How did a nice girl from Connecticut become the unfiltered voice of LA’s car culture?

It all started with an anonymous blog…

photo: Scott Martin Photography


A naughty, no-nonsense approach to what to drive, what to wear, and what makes someone a dbag behind the wheel. Read it here


From Real Mom Reviews to eavesdropping on a sexy Mexico City traffic cop, my YouTube channel is a blast!


There’s something for everyone, from t-shirts to hoodies to those shopping bags you’ll inevitably leave in your car.

I made it to the Grand Canyon (in a MHM t-shirt).

PRESIDENT (2017-2020)
BOARD MEMBER (2017- 2021)