Bad Ass Women

Rubicon Z

Jeep Girls: On The Road With Rubicon Z

I first spotted Z as I was driving along Mulholland with my kids. Clearly, they saw her as well. “Mom, please don’t stop” said one child. “It IS pretty cool though. Is that a Rubicon?” said the other. “Yeah but...

Badass Women of Automotive: Nena Barlow

Imagine this: you’re driving off-road in a brand new Jeep and things are getting scary. Meanwhile, the woman in the passenger seat is telling you EXACTLY how to drive. When things get hairy, she giggles. When things get terrifying, she...

Badass Women Of Automotive: Jaclyn Trop

Jaclyn Trop is the kind of woman that is easy to envy. She’s smart, beautiful and has a globe-trotting, flawless-faced Instagram feed that makes you want to stick an ice pick in her forehead. The problem is, she’s genuinely nice...

Badass Women Of Automotive: Gracie Hackenberg

What were you up to when you were 21 years old? College life– complete with beer bongs, all nighters and frat parties? Or eating ramen noodle as you slogged through your first job, with that a**hole boss and student loans...

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