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Car Slut Confessions: Ford GT Is The Man (& Le Mans too)

Last year, I went to the Detroit Auto Show for the very first time.  You can see the video about it here. At one point, I was invited to a big press conference by Ford.  Ok, I thought, let’s see a new boring mid-sized suv.  I sat there, with the lights low, the blue oval prominently in front of me and as the talking heads finished...

How To Nail A Dinner Party In 3 Steps: Downton Abbey Edition

To be a car chic, you don’t have to have tattoo sleeves or a do-rag. Nor do you necessarily need to be born in this century.  But you may have to dumb it all down a bit to make the boys feel important. Here’s a master class in dinner time automotive conversation courtesy of the women of Downton Abbey:    

Freak Of The Week: Wacky Volvo Wagon

Don’t bother straightening your screen people, this wacky Volvo wagon’s more crooked than Congress.  Spotted by a reader here in Topanga Canyon, this 1965-ish Volvo (Amazon) 122s wagon is a doozy! Now, if you’re wondering what’s under this post-apocalyptic masterpiece, this is what this nice, sweet wagon would look like under normal circumstances: (photo & more info on Station Wagon Meanwhile, here in the...

Petersen Automotive Museum + Kids + Mama

I recently took 4 kids: 3 boys and one girl to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.  We were there to answer the following burning questions: *can kids truly be entertained at a museum? *will the partnership between Pixar & the Petersen fly with the little monsters? *is the Petersen’s remodel a hit or miss with the kids? *can Mama handle an entire day...

Dude Or Douchebag: El Nino Vehicle

This El Nino thing is getting real here in Southern California.  Of course I, like the next person, love to crack jokes about our mild weather and the widespread panic that ensues when a sprinkle drops from the sky.  However, once people’s homes start sliding down mountains, we must take El Nino seriously. Thus, let’s consider what is appropriate (or inappropriate) in the newly formed...

7 Reasons Why 2015 Didn’t Suck

Let’s be real, 2015 had a lot of bad news. Paris, Syrian refugees, Nepalese earthquake and shootings, shootings and more shootings.  So many icons fell from grace: Bill Cosby, VW and dare I say bacon?  My cat ran away and my mother died.  It’d be easy for me to cover myself in cocaine and Nutella and spend 2016 binging on Netflix.  But, my friends, I’m...

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