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Mama’s Top 10 From The 2015 LA Auto Show (video)

Mama tours the Los Angeles Auto Show ahead of time to weed out the crap and highlight the awesome to save you some time.  This includes a little something from Porsche, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Ford, Honda and BMW. Get downtown and check it out! (If I were smarter, I’d get the video to freeze on a pretty face.  This’ll have to do..)

Tuesday Test Drive: Lexus rx450h F-Sport

Mama drove me the new Lexus rx series in Charleston, SC. I even brought the pimp rx450 hybrid F Sport to the local, very colorful Cars & Coffee.  And I had a ball! Check it out:  

Bay Area Bromance

I hate the f*ing San Francisco.  I know that it’s not a popular thing to say, but that progressive, diverse, urban oasis of culture and commerce makes me want to puke.  Between the clear air, temperate climate and public transportation, I find San Francisco irritatingly civilized.  It’s like that girl in high school with the perfect hair, flawless teeth and impeccable grades.  I hated that...

Mama Gots Me An Award

Writing about cars isn’t all drinking beers with hot race car drivers and burning rubber around the world without the kids. (Although it should be noted that I do, upon occasion, engage in these activities and encourage them.. wholeheartedly.)  There’s a lot of work involved. I actually have to think of stuff, write stuff, edit stuff and then try to get people to read it....

Freak Of The Week: Big Gay Prius

One of the things that makes my life worth living are the car photos I receive via texts and Tweets.  I get them from kids, from family, from readers, from my car wash guy– it’s an international potpourri of car madness & I love it.  But sometimes, just sometimes I get one that stops me in my tracks.  Like the Big Gay Prius: My friend...

Freak Of The Week: Alpina Heidi

I don’t wear a wedding ring.  Not because I’m not married and not because I don’t like them, it just honestly never occurred to me. Nor had my husband apparently, because after we said our vows at the Little Chapel By The Courthouse in Las Vegas (no, I’m not kidding), the nutjob that married us then asked, “Do you have the rings?” We looked at each...

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