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Only In LA: Errands like an Angelino

So I’m hanging out in front of a store in West Hollywood the other day, and I see a spanking new Carrera Turbo roll up and the passenger door opens.  Out of the car comes one of LA’s ubiquitously beautiful blonde babes. But before I can roll my eyes, a beam of light shines onto the driver side and I realize, the person behind the...

Yo Go, Mustang Mama

I saw this bad ass Mama on La Cienega last night. Love it! Her sticker says “Under Construction”– too cool.

10 Worst Car Headlines of 2011

10. Goodbye Saab–our beloved Swedish automaker is finally taken off life support. How I’ll miss the center console ignition. For more info, see To All The Cars I’ve Loved Before entry. 9. Matte Black Is Everywhere–the only upside that I can think of is that the sales of bar-b-q black spray paint must be good for Home Depot’s p&l. But I’m over it already. 8....

Top 10 Car Headlines 2011

10. The Cayenne Grows A Pair–the third generation of the Porsche SUV finally does Stuttgart justice. I think it came out in 2010, but I didn’t drive it until this year so cut me some slack. Bottom line is, the thing drives like a dream.  Not just a shopping cart for kept ladies anymore.. 9. Matte Black is Everywhere–this will be on my worst list...

The Diane Keaton of Cars

In this land of billionaires, Bugattis and Botox, looking for a flashy car is kinda like looking for fake boobs…throw a rock and you’ll hit one.  Like my friend Garrett told me before I moved here, “BMW is the Honda of LA.” No kidding. If you’re reading from some normal place like, well, anywhere else, think of it this way.  You know when you’re driving...

To All The Cars I’ve Loved Before

You know when you break up with someone and it hurts.. a lot? Then, maybe a month, a week, a year later, you are forced to relive the horrific experience by seeing that person, happily involved with another person. Ug. It’s terrible. Whether you see them laughing, fighting, holding hands or making out, the same dreadful feelings endure– do they kiss like me, is her...

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