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Dude Or Douchebag: Car Upholstery

Let’s face it, car upholstery has had its ups (any Mercedes before 1975) and its downs (Levi’s Edition Gremlin, anyone?). But lately, it just seems like we’re settling for way less than our fat asses deserve, especially when there’s companies like VIP European Auto Interior that offer upholstery replacements that make your car look as good as new.

There was a time, not so long ago, that being a Dude with your car interior was easy, because that’s how it came off the line (cue Barry White):
Such a dude.
And thanks to the latest generation of car restoration dudes, many of us have embraced the art of interior upholstery (cue White Stripes):

But then there are those that go slightly overboard with their attention to interior detail (cue: Skizzy Mars):
We’ve already established that he’s a douche, but it’s too bad because that green piping is kinda hot.

But for that the baby Jesus gave us the gays (cue Diana Ross):
Sure, one could argue that this interior belongs to a female fashionista or a plaid-embracing straight man, but I argue: that straight man probably has a “close friend” he likes to shop with named Christopher. Not Chris, Christopher.

Straight men of all types can get creative with their cars, while also expressing their undeniable masculinity (cue Mariachi):
I don’t care how many dalmatians it takes, that’s guy’s a dude! (relax PETA, that’s cowhide and I ate every single one of those steaks so it’s ok)
But sometimes you should just opt for the factory-installed pleather and call it a day or else you’ll end up in undeniable, inescapable, douche-dom (cue: ominous music):
“Oh no he didn’t” says Christopher!