Dude Or Douchebag: Two-Tone

Sometimes car trends start with the exotics and trickle down to the streets, like carbon fiber hoods.  And sometimes car trends start with an 18-year-old & a can of bar-b-q black spray paint and the next thing you know Mercedes has a factory matte black finish.  I’ve noticed recently that the two toned vehicle is coming back, and it’s starting in the ‘hood.


The late-model Impala– not only is this guy rocking the two-tone, he’s busting out some radical green.  Maybe those are gang colors and someone’s gonna bust a cap in my ass for saying I’m into it–but I don’t care– that’s bad ass.



And now we have the illustrious Astro Van.  I’m pretty sure this came off the line two-tone, but the fact that this Dude not only polished it up (acknowledging that he knows it’s hot) but matched the wheels (!) makes it really great.  Oh, and to Mr. Latino who was sleeping in this when I took the picture– you may not want to stick your hand down your pants when you sleep in a parking lot.  I’m just sayin..


Sometimes the two-tone can be classy:

And sometimes it can be sassy:

And sometimes it just plain goes too far:

I’ll give you 10 points for rocking this with no abandon.  But how’s about picking two colors that don’t belong on a hockey jersey?  And the random use of the blue– on the mirror and the front end are a shame to two-toned aficionados everywhere.  Look! There’s a body shop just to your left, pull in and tell him Mama sent you.