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Badass Women Of Automotive: Gracie Hackenberg

What were you up to when you were 21 years old? College life– complete with beer bongs, all nighters and frat parties? Or eating ramen noodle as you slogged through your first job, with that a**hole boss and student loans...

Dude Or Dbag: Attention Whores

Los Angeles is, by its nature, filled with extroverts.  Between the actors, the musicians and the unfulfilled dreams, LA is a place where ‘LOOK AT ME’ is our cultural default.  Luckily for me, when this phenom meets LA’s car obsession,...

Dear DMV, Why We Hate Front Plates

The other day I watched a friend of mine park his car. Before he got out, he reached into his glovebox  and grabbed his front plate, which he placed on his dash. ‘You too, huh?’ I said. ‘Yup’ he replied....

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