Motorhead Mama Blog

Could You Be A Green Commuter?

Car Sharing. Van Pooling. These are not Los Angeles words.  We are drivers. We are owners. We are the fierce fighters of the 405. The warriors of the 101.  The badass battlers of the 5, 605, 105 and whatever other...

Best Reader Photos Of 2016 (slideshow)

Nothing makes me happier than people sending me their car photos.  Especially because most come from the people who say they’re “not a car person.”  Okey dokey… This year, the photos came from all over the country and over the...

Best Bumper Stickers of 2016 (slideshow)

Although 2016 was an election year, plenty of wonderful things happened on with Bumper Stickers that had nothing to do with politics.  A few were even featured in my Freak of the Weeks during the past year. I’m happy to...

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