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Dude or Dbag: The Outfits Of CES 2019

The Consumer Electronics Show is not only the world’s biggest trade show for digital geeks and tech dorks, it is now officially an important car show. Thus, even weirdos like me show up. While I’m anxious to show you the...

The Best Mom Cars Of 2018

Somebody said to me the other day, ‘You’re a mom? That’s amazing.’ As I smiled and gave the obligatory ‘Thanks’ all I could think was, Not really, dude. Simply remove the goalie, forget the pill or miss the expiration date...

4 Feel Good Gearhead Gifts To Get Now

Does your tree look like mine? Two weeks until Xmas and I’ve bought three (count ’em three) gifts total. Actually, technically, I only bought one of those, the other two are ones my kids are re-gifting to each other (#parentingwin)....

LA Auto Show Dude or Dbag

Dude Or Dbag: LA Auto Show Outfits 2018

Cars, Trucks and SUVs! Electric, Hydrogen, and New Technologies! The automotive industry is packed with excitement, particularly during Auto Show Season. Leading the stateside kickoff is the LA Auto Show 2018, whose press days are bustling with car freaks. And...

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