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Ain’t No Parade Like A Topanga Parade

‘Cuz a Topanga Parade smells like weed.  This year’s celebration was one for the ages. Sixteen years ago, my husband and I decided that people suck, so we should make our own.  When deciding where to raise them, we figured, ‘Hippies are...

Dear Volvo, Talk Dirty To Me..

A heartfelt, vaguely pornographic love letter to the world’s leading luxury family car manufacturer probably wasn’t top of your “to read” list today, but for me, it is vital to write. Lemme tell you why. Volvo may have just nailed...

7 Deadly Car Show Sins (Video)

People behave pretty badly at car shows.  We’re exhausted, we’re hungover, we’re under a lot of pressure to do our jobs and do them well.  The bad news is, people can be pretty awful. The good news is, I got...

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