Motorhead Mama Blog

Dude or Douchebag: Hammer Time!

This year I went to my very first King Of The Hammers. Chances are, you have no idea what I’m talking about. But that’s ok, Mama’s gonna school you now. King Of The Hammers is the country’s biggest off roading/rock...

Freak Of The Week: H2 El Jefe

Jesus loves me, This I know, Because El Jefe tells me so! I’ve been singing that all day, because today is the glorious day that I saw this: The story is so great, I couldn’t even begin to make it...

Bumper Stickers: You Shouldn’t Have

Generally, I’m a huge fan of bumper stickers. Even if they express someone’s irrational or upsetting political views, they’re still cool with me. At least they have an opinion. Plus, learning a little more about the driver helps me to...

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