Category: Drive Bys

Drive Bys: What Is Street Art?

LA is full of dynamic, museum-quality, first-rate street art. We've got some Shepard Fairy floating around–  that's fantastic.  Banksy's been here, or so I'm told.  That's great if you're into that kind of stuff.  I think that's beautiful. But you know what is equally beautiful? This: Because while art is important, making me laugh at an intersection is equally valuable.  Especially because I've thought of those lyrics a million...

Drivebys: The World’s Happiest Hobo

It’s Monday morning, and I’m on my way to my miserable job. I’m tired, vaguely hungover and horribly under caffeinated.  I glance over to the guy next to me and he’s is equally uninspired, and he’s behind the wheel of a GT3! It’s clear that the Monday blahs are in full effect and there’s no cure in sight… As I get a few car lengths...

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