Drivebys: The World’s Happiest Hobo

It’s Monday morning, and I’m on my way to my miserable job. I’m tired, vaguely hungover and horribly under caffeinated.  I glance over to the guy next to me and he’s is equally uninspired, and he’s behind the wheel of a GT3! It’s clear that the Monday blahs are in full effect and there’s no cure in sight…

As I get a few car lengths closer to the light, I spot this:

A dude begging for money. That’s no surprise, this intersection is prime panhandling. And the weed sign, sure that’s funny, but is the real shocker is the crap on his face. It’s really weird, it sits under his beard, and it look the sides of his mouth kinda turn up..oh, I remember, it’s a smile.

Day after day, I see this guy and he’s ALWAYS smiling.  It’s been almost a year now and I’ve never seen him without a grin. Last week, I finally got the nerve up to talk to him and he’s a gem! He’s happy to pose for my photos and genuinely sweet to my kids (“Mommy, his sign says ‘I Need Weed, My Doctor Says So.’ What’s weed?”) Sure, he’s stoned out of his gourd, but Daniel is the happiest person I know.

Who could blame him? He’s got a beach front office, he gets to work outside, he pays no rent and the IRS sure as hell isn’t on his back!

His smile is so consistent that it makes me wonder– who’s the REAL menace to society?  Is it really the guy standing on the side of the road with a cardboard sign and a grin from ear to ear? Or is it the bitch in the fuel-sucking SUV who’s scowling at everyone around her?  Thanks Daniel. When I grow up, I want to be just like you.