Freak Of The Week: Jettamino

A few months ago, I was driving in the valley when my daughter whispered in an ominous tone, ‘Mom, you’re gonna wanna see this..” like she had seen something scary like Godzilla or a bare-faced Kardashian.   And there, parked along Topanga Canyon there was the Jettamino.

It is, in fact, exactly what it sounds like– a Palomino pony driving a VW Jetta. Just kidding, it’s slightly less insane– it’s a VW Jetta that’s been chopped to have a truck bed like the beloved El Camino. (Read more about Mama’s El Camino love here.) And it is awesome:


But this guy doesn’t just carve out the back end.  He goes balls out. Between the spare tire, the roll bar, the leather bonnet straps. Did I mention there were a few stickers on the hood?


And a BMW wheel just under a Mad Max’d riveted wheel well.  And a bit of duct tape madness on the front bumper. This is car mod DIY at its best.

So then I go home and discover that I’m not the only one to appreciate the magic that is the Jettamino.  Apparently Matt Farah of the Smoking Tire did a video on this bad boy and almost 1/2 million suckers watched it.  Now it can be three more, cuz here’s the link:

It even has its own hash tag:


In Farrah’s video, you can watch the whole sordid tale behind this wonderful little nugget of nonsense.  But I kinda feel like the Jettamino is best appreciated when it’s not a thing at all. It’s just a kid from the valley with more imagination than spare cash and that, my friends is how great art happens.

Right on, Jettamino!


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