How Much Ferrari is too Much?

I know, it seems a ridiculous question.  Even for me, the girl whose first Italian word was “Testarossa”–sometimes it’s just a bit too much. And this only because I worry that my prancing pony is being pimped out.

Consider this, Ferrari’s licensing and retail divisions account for $1.5 billion of total sales. That’s a lot of baseball caps, brotha.  So our boys in Maranello do stuff like this:

(I know, you kinda want to push that kid into traffic.)

According to a company spokesman, they hope to increase their total count of worldwide Ferrari stores to over 60 by 2013.  Part of me thinks, Porsche Design tried this and failed miserably. And then I consider that Ferrari is also backer of an international sport franchise (for my fellow Americans, it’s called F1 and it’s bad ass) and I think–ok, that’s legit.  But still, the US accounts for 1/4 of Ferrari sales and you know that isn’t because of F1.  But I figure, if they need to garbage like this:

To make stuff like this:

Then sign me up for the baby registry, Enzo, I’ll take one for the team.