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bitch on wheels

Bitch On Wheels: Sully, The Golden Retriever

Last week I asked you guys to send me photos of your dogs in cars. I got SO many great photos, that I decided to turn what was going to be one story into a series. So ‘Bitch On Wheels’ is now officially a thing. I’ll do a short profile a few times a month so we can celebrate our canine companions and why we...

Dude, or Douchebag: Mr. Green Vehicle

Mama loves me the environment. Mama loves me some cleaner air. Mama also loves less dependency on foreign oil, shrinking the carbon footprint and preserving our natural resources, blah blah blah. ┬áBut guess what Mama doesn’t love? People who pollute our roads with bad driving, ugly cars and entitlement. ┬áDamn tootin’. So bravo to you Doking, love that XD– super cute, super cool. You are...

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