Bitch On Wheels: Sully, The Golden Retriever

bitch on wheels

Last week I asked you guys to send me photos of your dogs in cars. I got SO many great photos, that I decided to turn what was going to be one story into a series. So ‘Bitch On Wheels’ is now officially a thing. I’ll do a short profile a few times a month so we can celebrate our canine companions and why we love taking them along for the ride.  (My apologies in advance to the male dogs who will be lumped in with the bitches– sorry boys, the killer headline always wins!)

Let’s start with Sully.

bitch on wheelsSully belongs to a great family in Charlotte, NC. Sully loves any excuse to hop in the car– going to the beach, the groomer, even the vet! His car of choice is the BMW X3, where he is required to ride in the WAY back, because of his tendency to jump in the driver’s seat:

Sully got his name when he was just a pup. His beloved owner, Graham, wanted to name his new best friend after his favorite place. And because he was the same color of the sand on Sullivan’s Island– he became Sullivan:

bitch on wheels

Insert heart-melting photo: check!

Graham and Sully can often be found hiking in the woods together or playing fetch in their backyard.  It’s worth noting that Graham, who is also much bigger now, is also a car fan. Unlike Sully, Graham would really prefer that his parents could transport him and his dog in either the Tesla Model X or a maybe a Bugatti. I have high hopes for Graham. And Sully, for that matter.

Big thanks to the Sully’s family for sharing their canine cuteness with us! If you’d like to be profiled, send me your pup pictures:!

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