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Get A Grip! How To Hold Your Steering Wheel

Dear Steering Wheel User, You’re wrong! All wrong! Totally wrong! But I was too.  But I’ve seen the light. Changed my ways. And I wanna change yours too (cuz I love you). So listen up! Let’s start with this: This is no ordinary Drive-Your-Prius-to-Trader-Joe’s kind of steering wheel.  In fact, if you’re thinking it looks like something out of Playstation, you’re close.  It’s a steering...


How To Drive In The Rain Like A Boss-lady (video)

Driving in the rain. Everyone thinks they’re good at it and almost no one is.  Except maybe the English.  But I digress. It’s Springtime and with that comes Spring Showers. So Mama’s here with a little refresher on how to rock a wet ride. But let’s get something straight: light rain can be as much of a problem as a heavy downpour. Here I am...

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