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Get A Grip! How To Hold Your Steering Wheel


Dear Steering Wheel User,

You’re wrong! All wrong! Totally wrong!

But I was too.  But I’ve seen the light. Changed my ways. And I wanna change yours too (cuz I love you). So listen up!

Let’s start with this:

steering wheelThis is no ordinary Drive-Your-Prius-to-Trader-Joe’s kind of steering wheel.  In fact, if you’re thinking it looks like something out of Playstation, you’re close.  It’s a steering wheel from a Formula One car. Yes, that Formula One. The baddest of badass automotive racing on the planet.  Plus, non-coincidentally, the place where they spend roughly 100 bagillion dollars (an official MHM guesstimate) on research and development.  So when they design the driver’s experience, they do it right.

Maybe you’re not interested in F1. That’s cool. But all of that R&D that goes into F1 trickles down to the performance cars, luxury cars and eventually, your Prius.  So this is essentially your steering wheel too. Does that scare you? It should. And it should be a very strong indicator that you need to watch my latest video:

Muh muh,




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