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Test Drive: Busy Moms Will ❤️ The Volvo XC60

I’m gonna let you, dear reader, in on a little secret. Despite my breezy demeanor, I work hard. Really hard. And I think I’m like millions of women when I say the only uninterrupted, unfettered, unmolested time I get is when I’m in my car. So when I’m driving, that environment had better be sweet. Like in the Volvo XC60. The new XC60 has won...

5 Safety Hacks from Volvo’s Driving Academy You Need NOW

When Volvo recently invited me to try a beta-version of their Driving Academy, I was stoked. Yeah, I love any kind of instructor-led driving. But then I was baffled. Wait, what? Volvo doesn’t have a Driving Academy already? With my daughter precariously close to getting her license, this sent me into a panic. I NEED the Volvo Driving Academy and I need it by roughly...

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