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Motorhead Mama (aka Amelia Dalgaard) has been writing about car culture since 2011, when a friend urged her to stop sending her texts with car photos/smart ass captions and “write a blog already!” After keeping Motorhead Mama a secret for almost a year, Amelia’s secret past-time was discovered by one of her car buddies & she has been out and proud ever since. Ride along as we explore the weird and wonderful world of cars with a woman that isn’t afraid to go fast, get dirty or talk to the weirdos behind the wheel.

Amelia is also known for popping videos, helping design be “within reach” and upon occasion, getting knocked up. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two dogs, two kids and roughly 4 million others.

Email [email protected] & learn how addicted she is to her phone.

Motorhead Mama

For more info..see the post “Why, Oh Why, Crazy Lady?”

Oh, and because everyone asks these questions. Here you go:

Daily Driver: BMW X5m

Top 5 Dream Cars/Feel Free To Buy Me Any of The Following:

Jaguar E-type (any series)

Ferrari Dino 246 GTS

Porsche 911 Turbo (997)

Toyota Land Cruise FJ40

De Tomaso Pantera (any year)

Oh & send me your photos! The weirder the better: [email protected]

Instagram/Twitter: @motorheadmama

Facebook: /motorheadmama