Bumper Stickers: Know Thyself

I’m fascinated by the Bumper Stickers people plaster on their automobiles. Like the pot leaf? Dancing bears? Maybe those aren’t exactly the smartest choice unless you want Johnnie Law all up in your glove box. I’m just sayin..

Sometimes a bumper sticker can show incredible self-awareness:

Bumper Sticker Hilarious

I mean, bad parking sucks, but at least this guy warned you. There should probably be about 3 million more people with this Sticker, who are we kidding?

And sometimes a Sticker can show incredible denial:

Bumper Sticker Hilarious

Newsflash: You’re driving a Honda Accord. So no matter what your monogram says, I’m pretty sure you’re not gracing the society pages any time soon.

Sometimes it’s subtle:

Sticker Hilarious

Peer pressure makes me drive this pathetic Volvo SUV, but I kinda wish it was a Lambo.

And sometimes it’s flagrant:

Bumper Sticker Moustache

I know I’m a joke and so do you. So let’s dial it up with this enormous moustache!

But my favorite is the car that takes the current trend and spins it on its head:

Bacon Bumper Sticker Hilarious

Now there’s a hybrid I can embrace.

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