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Only In LA: Can’t Use My Legs, But I’m Drivin’ The Bentley Today!

I’m hard-pressed to find something more egregious than stuff like this:

handicapped A nice, big fat Bentley parked in a Beverly Hills lot with a handicapped placard on.  Now, I’m sure that there are plenty of rich, handicapped dudes, but I’m betting that if you’re rich and you truly have a disability, you either drive something whose main purpose to keep you safe and assist with your driving (the minibar in the armrest doesn’t count) OR you are gonna drive something that if you crash, you can replace without having to hock your wheelchair.  Call me crazy.

Please note: adjacent to this Bentley was this new S550 which showed no signs of paraplegic steering modifications or wheelchair assists:

In 2006, CA DMV canceled 25,000 handicapped permits after discovering that the issued parties were in fact deceased.  How does that go?  “Hey man, hop in my G wagon. My grandma just died!”  WTF?  Currently, one in every 16 Californians carries a handicapped parking placard. Come on, guys, one day you’ll be old, and you won’t want to battle someone with better reflexes and more horsepower for a parking spot.