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Dude, Or Douchebag: Motor 4 Toys

This morning, I woke up my kids and told them it was time for Motor 4 Toys– so we’re gonna buy a bunch of toys, give them away, and then walk a few miles so Mommy can take pictures of cars. One Lego movie, three temper tantrums and 12 donuts later, we were on our way.

Motor 4 Toys is an amazing thing. Sure, it’s a car show of the fanciest kind. But it also raises over 50,000 toys and plenty of money for kids in need. So put that in your all-fancy-car-people-are-aholes pipe & smoke it. I love it! This year was the best ever.

Dudes were everywhere with Lancias:
Motor 4 Toys Lancia
Motor 4 Toys Lotus
& an Aston Martin Lagonda, hooray!
Motor 4 Toys Aston Martin
And the classic Porsche guys made everyone else look like dbags with their high class holiday adornments:
Motor 4 Toys Porsche
But others made themselves look like dbags just by showing up:
Motor 4 Toys Puma

Donating toys is the price of admission. Let’s hope this guy didn’t pluck one out of his grill for the occasion:

Oh and Scrooge was there with his Maserati:
Motor 4 Toys Maserati

And how about the douchebags that show up in a $300,000 car and don’t donate diddly? They better write a big fat check on their way out! This guy was so generous he donated a teddy bear IN a Ferrari:

But the biggest dude award goes to the pair of Bel Airs that showed up not only looking flawless, but also accompanied by a pickup filled with brand new bikes for the kids. Now that’s a Fresh Prince!

So mark your calendars for next year, but only if you like beautiful cars, being generous and not being a douche!

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