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Dude, Or Douchebag? Defined

Dude, or Douchebag?
Hint: this isn’t Dude.
Dude, or Douchebag? –The MM series explained.
Wondering how what you drive says about you?  Let’s start with the basics:
Prius= I care about the environment & don’t care if I drive like an asshole.
Escalade= I’m card carrying Republican, active member of the NRA and my wife has fake boobs.
7 Series BMW= I worked hard for my money. Now I want to lay back and scratch my nuts while calling my mistress on the drive back to the gated community.
When a car is tricked out, it can often be hard to put them in a category. So I’m gonna make it easy– they’re either Dudes or Douchebags.