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To All The Haters–You Would If You Could…

Given the fact that I’m not a rich woman– sure I make more than the national average, but I drive a vehicle whose value exceeds my yearly income, I’m always faced with the bitchy condescension of “yup, LA, you are what you drive.” And to you, dear hater, I say– bite me.

Angelinos don’t just drive nice cars because we want to impress/attract the right people. We drive nice cars because we can!  Here’s a breakdown: Imagine you live in the suburbs of NYC.  You make six figures and you spend about an hour to three commuting to work every day via train.  Now imagine that you could have your own train car–what would you do in it?  Put in a really nice leather seat? Maybe a sweet sound system? Make it so you could talk on the phone? Or maybe you’d want to take your train car off the tracks, so you could go as fast as you wanted, maybe even passing the other train cars on their way to New Canaan or Stamford.  Imagine that it never snowed in Connecticut, barely rained and every day was 70, sun-filled degrees.  You’d want a huge sun roof, maybe even the ability to take the top off!  The result? A BMW 3 series (with the convertible option).  What’s the best selling vehicle in LA county?  Take a wild guess, smarty pants.