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Freak Of The Week: Mobile Messaging

I saw it first from afar. I was rolling up to the local library to snatch some offspring, when, from the far corner of this parking lot a glimmer of pastel painted freakiness shone in the distance:

An early model Kia, oh this was gonna be good.  Some all seeing eyes? Even better.  What revealed itself was a DIY doozy of rudimentary images and inspirational, albeit often puzzling, quotes. Like this one:

1 + 1= 3.. well, not everyone would agree with that one. I’ll also remind you, we are at a library so we could easily fact check. For the love of freakiness, I’ll let that one go. How about:

Blessed? Yup. Stressed? You betcha! I’ll admit, this chic’s got a point.  Note: I haven’t exactly established whether a man or woman or (check box for ‘other’) drives this vehicle. Not sure this is a gender conversation anyway.  It is certainly a conversation, about energy though:

Where Attention Goes Energy Flows– this mindset is very popular in LA right now.  Worrying about your health? That’ll make you sick.  Stressing about money? You’ll go broke. Just think positive thoughts, be grateful and do well by others and it’ll all be ok.  This is part of the show when the New Yorkers laugh in our faces. But they’re wrong. They’re all wrong. Even if this vehicle is ridiculous:

Oh and it is.  Is it so wrong to turn our favorite LA past time of car-gazing into an opportunity to spread a message? One of positivity, love and peace? No way. It’s the automotive equivalent of those Dr. Bronner Soap bottles: All One! All One! All One! Does the good doctors redundant and crazy message make you any cleaner? Probably not. But reading it sure beats trying to pronounce Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) / Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) and to waste your time worrying if they’re gonna kill you.  Instead, think about something uplifting.

When I’m stuck in traffic, I’d much rather consider whether really, truly if Only We Can Save Us than to read yet another billboard about liposuction.  So thank you Mr/Ms Mobile Messaging– I’m a big fan of your freaky little ride!


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