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Freak Of The Week: Purple Reign

You know you’ve found your freak of the week when your 76 year old mother says, “Did you see that car?”  I almost replied, “Have you noticed any cars since 1986, Mom?”  But I refrained.  Point is, last Saturday, at the Calabasas Commons, this Purple Econoline Pickup stuck out like George W Jr at a Mensa meeting.  Even Mom noticed:

Freak of the Week Purple

If you’re not familiar with Calabasas, perhaps it would help if I told you about some of its residents: at least 6 Kardashians, 2 Osbournes, a Ferrari dealership and one notorious Bieber.  So on any given day, this parking lot can be the pinnacle of LA car peacockery– the newest, fastest, most customized.  But this dude beat them at their own game, his ride is not particularly vintage (60s, but this ain’t no Shelby Cobra), not particularly fast (unless Shaggy and Scooby need help finding a ghost)  and not particularly original (flames are so 2003), but there’s something about the whole package that makes this so incredibly bass ass. Perhaps it’s the White Trash Lounge:

Purple Van

Or maybe it’s the Paisley Park upholstery or the fact that Elvis is clearly the co-pilot:

Purple van

I don’t want to get bogged down in the details.  All I know is he’s my Freak Of The Week– keep rockin’ Calabasas!

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