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Freak of the Week: The Prius Poser

Here’s a headscratcher for ya: When is a Prius lamer than..a Prius?

When it’s custom? Nah. I’m down with that. Look at this badass version from George Barris that I spotted on the freeway a few years ago:

So good. Or my beloved Big Gay Prius (& fellow Freak of the Week alum, read it here):

Lovin’ you from here, pal.

But just last week, I spotted a Prius that is so terrible, so offensive, so obnoxious, I could barely hold it together. I almost hate to show it to you. But for the good of us all, I think I must. So brace it is:

Isn’t it awful? Are you as furious as I am? Oh wait. What? Just looks like a black Prius? Oh, ok. Get a load of this close up:

Yes, that is exactly what you think it is. Carbon fiber. ON A PRIUS.  I’m pretty sure this is a sign that the end is near, my friends. It’s been nice knowing you.  Seriously. Who does this:

I think we can all agree that the world has gone carbon fiber crazy. Carbon fiber bikes, fully carbon fiber supercars, carbon fiber phone cases, for God’s sake. I’ll admit, I’m part of the problem with my carbon fiber stand up board and paddle (which is actually as awesome as it sounds). But the day that some d-bag can slap a carbon fiber wrap on his rear view mirror and roll his black Prius into the Target parking lot and think I”m gonna stand for it is the day I roll over dead.  It’s just plain wrong. Here’s another shot:

I’m sorry, I’ll stop the visual abuse now.  The big question here is: What was he thinking? Was he going to drag race a Volt?  Was he gonna roll his ass to Willow Springs, slap on a helmet and do some laps? God only knows.  But what we all know is that this an abomination.

So please, before you go defacing your vehicle yourself, give it a good hard think.  If it’s a Prius. Stop.



5 thoughts on “Freak of the Week: The Prius Poser”

  1. SilverBRADo

    I’m down with carbon fiber, when it’s actual carbon fiber, and used for something other that trim pieces that didn’t weigh any more than the carbon fiber anyway. However, stick-on carbon fiber vinyl is just whack.

  2. You’re so LA MHM! Beyond just looking cool, woven carbon fiber is light. I need not school you in physics, nor am I the right person to do so, but basically the more mass/weight you try to move the more energy you consume, so carbon fiber is a good material choice for an energy efficient car. CF is about 30% lighter then Aluminum, but the cost to manufacture is higher so not to worry MHM it’s not going to pop up on your mass market production car models any time soon, so what’s a Prius owner to do?!?

    1. motorheadmama

      Blah blah blah. We both know that’s not real carbon fiber and just a Dbag wrap. But I still ❤️ you..

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