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Jeep Girls: Jordyn, The T-Hunter

This is Jordyn.

Isn’t she gorgeous? She gets even more beautiful when she does this:

Jeep Girls

I met Jordyn two years ago when I spotted her Jeep in a Calabasas parking lot. Despite the “Mom, please let her alone” pleas from my girls, we got to talking. I’m so glad we did. Jordyn is one of many female Jeep drivers (aka Jeep girls) that have inspired me to launch this series. I’ve been waiting two years to get it going and I can’t think of a better person to kick it off with. Take it away Jordyn!

  1. How’d you get into Jeeps?

When I was 21, I got sick of going to bars and partying to have fun like everyone my age was doing. I met a group of people who did something called “T-Hunting” What is T-hunting? I like to say its reverse hide and go seek mixed with tag. There 4-10 vehicles that would show up on a Saturday night, all equipped with modded CB radios.

The “Hidden T” was the person that was “It,” That person would go hide in the hills and “Lock down” their CB. To lock it down you would rubber band or tape your mic, so it was constantly transmitting signal. From that point everyone else would chase that signal using their antenna and either reading a meter or going off the sound strength from the signal they picked up. The group of amazing people I met, and the fun of the game got me hooked! I traded in my Infiniti G35 and got myself the 4×4 Jeep that I have now.

  1. What’s your earliest Jeep memory?

I brought home my Jeep on a Saturday. That night everyone met up to T-hunt. It was the first time I every got to drive myself playing the game. I had a friend with me that had to literally teach me not only how to drive in the dirt, but how and why four-wheel drive worked. That night I felt a power that I knew was going to change my life. I was hooked. To add to this night, I was in four-wheel drive climbing the smallest hill and my rear axle grenaded. Apparently, the owner before had welded the spider gears in the rear axle and I broke it that very first night.

  1. Is this your first one? Your last?

This was my very first Jeep. I didn’t grow up going off-roading. All by chance and people I met this became my hobby. My last? No way! My boyfriend and I have had 3-4 Jeeps at one time in our driveway. Everything from Wrangler, to XJs (a Cherokee), to my daily driver. I currently drive a 4×4 2018 Jeep Compass Trailhawk as my everyday Jeep (never call it a car!). It’s the perfect mix of car and Jeep. Absolutely loving it!

Jeep Girl

  1. Who has been your strongest automotive influence?

So here in Simi Valley we have an aftermarket off road company called GenRight Off Road. At first, they were just some local company that I knew of. I had friends who worked there, and I always wanted their products (at the time I couldn’t dream of affording them.) In 2012 I was at a dead-end job and got the opportunity to work there. I was the assistant/run around make coffee girl.

While working there I got to work three large events: Off Road Expo in Pomona, SEMA in Las Vegas, and Turkey Run in Johnson Valley. In this time these GenRight guys all became like family to me. The experience took my off-road passion to a whole different level. I went “rock crawling” for the first time. I was terrified and excited all at once; the adrenaline rush was amazing. I learned not only a new love, but also a new respect for the product. I learned that quality product is just as important as the skill of driving. These guys and this company have shaped everything I do with my Jeep today. Even the excessive build it has turned in to today.

  1. What does your vehicle mean to you?

My Jeep is my escape. I have so much fun every time I drive it. It can be dirt or down to the grocery store. Even more, every time I look at it I have a sense of pride. Blood, sweat, and tears have literally built this jeep from stock to a trail capable rock crawler. I’ve learned so much about working for a goal and the struggle of buying things piece by piece as I can afford it. I have gained more than you can ever imagine from a 2002 Wrangler. I am a complete gearhead now. I love that in the process of owning this Jeep I have given a purpose to something in life. I have honestly become a better person since becoming a “Jeep Girl.”

  1. Would you date/marry/hookup with someone that didn’t dig your Jeep?

Nope. No way. I don’t even think I could be with someone who knew less about vehicles than me. That says a lot because I am well educated in mechanics and fabrication. It’s not just the Jeep, it’s a passion for anything motorsports. I am lucky enough to have a man in my life that makes me feel like a woman while in many aspects I am a super tom-boy.

  1. Is there an aftermarket product that you still want?

ALWAYS! It never ends. The Jeep is about to go through a major transformation. I have parts collecting in the garage as we speak. Joining the big boy club and going from 37” tire to 40” tires. With bigger tires, come bigger parts, and more often than not more broken parts that will need replacing as the time comes. BUT if I had to pick one product that I still want…V8 LS motor. Because who doesn’t love more horsepower?

  1. What does your dream Jeep look like?

I own my dream Jeep. It is built to be what I want. I’m very proud of what it is today.

Jeep Girl

  1. Got any great Jeep stories? Let ‘em rip here!

Oh, do I! Let’s talk about my favorite yearly trip to the Rubicon.* Last year was a trip that I will never forget. We arrived at the trailhead for our 3-night trip and an older couple in a brand new JK with very few mods comes up and asks if they can wheel in with us. To be honest, we were two very built Jeeps and selfishly we were thinking “Oh great they’re going to slow us down and hold us back.”

Knowing that the Rubicon is not a trip you even want to wheel alone, we invited them to join us on the trail. Boy, we were so wrong. This guy wheeled the Rubicon great even on my back at times pushing me to go faster. The four days were filled with lots of wheeling, relaxing on the water, and ever a little bit of winch-line zip lining in the Rubicon Springs.

One night were sitting around the campfire talking and this gentleman starts telling us a story about how he was sick and wasn’t expected to live another year and it’s now been over a year, but he has devoted his life to putting checkmarks on his bucket list. The Rubicon was at the very top of his list of things he wanted to do in his life. With tears in his eyes he told us this story and it put tears in all our eyes as well. That warm feeling in my heart was one I’m not sure I had ever felt before and I am so happy we had that opportunity to give this man the chance to do something he had wanted to do his whole life.

Jordyn + her new friends

*If you don’t know what the Rubicon is, that’s ok. Click here and check it out.

If you’d like to follow Jordyn’s adventures, check her out on Instagram!

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