Mama’s Mini Motorhead of the Month

One of the most exciting things about being Motorhead Mama are the unexpected fans. I mean, I expected followers like my car buddies, some Twitter pals and friends close to me with dirty minds…like my Mom. But what I didn’t expect was this:
Mini Motorhead Justin
This is my home boy Justin. And he rocks. Unlike my kids whose phones are packed with kitten videos and an endless array of pony emojis, Justin’s is just like mine– chock full of car photos. And every once and a while, he sends them to me, like this kick ass Lambo shot:
Mini Motorhead Justin
(photo credit: Justin)
So I’ve decided to honor these little people on a monthly basis. Because their photos are the most surprising and exciting ones I receive. So keep it coming kids– I’ve now got a spot on the site for submissions. And when you are the featured Mini Motorhead, Mama will send you a care package. Thanks!

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