March’s Mini Motorhead: Gus

I have a friend named Gus. Ok, she’s really my daughter’s friend and her name is really Augusta, but that’s besides the point. Point is, how can I not love a kid that sends me selfies like this:Mini Motorhead Gus
A Peeps Car? Who knew there was a Peeps Car? Gus did, that’s who. It’s a full size VW Beetle in front of a candy store in Vegas:
And it’s probably not a car that an auto enthusiast would seek out. But Gus doesn’t care. She also doesn’t care if it’s a new Bug or the original Type 1. And she doesn’t care if it’s a VW or a Vector. She just knows that she sees a lot of cool cars and likes to share them with me. And I love it! Isn’t that really what’s it’s all about? Not whether you can name, rebuild it, afford it or even drive it. Gus reminds me that you don’t have to be a gear head to love cars. Like the time she sent me this shot with a question ‘I like this one. Is it a fancy car?’: Mini Motorhead Gus
Why yes, Gus, it is a fancy car. And you are awesome. Congrats on being this month’s Mini Motorhead!

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