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More Hemi, Less Hedgefund

I have a confession to make, dear reader– I’m not a big fan of the American car.  Not that I don’t love my country, cry a bit when I say the pledge of allegiance and get passionate about politics, but when it comes to American cars, Detroit lost me at roughly 1973.

But when I see a little of this:

my heart skips a beat.  And, when I see a little of this:

well, it’s full-on moistness in the underpant region!  In the immortal words of my genuis neighbor, Paris Hilton, “That’s hot.”

Not only is it hot, but according to an article in this month’s Road & Track (nice plug, right? write me a check, boys)– it is a great example of American innovation in a way you don’t expect.  It was Detroit (Chrysler) improving on the hemispherically shaped production engine developed for Jaguar (note: R&T claimed it was Porsche, I don’t really care). Bottom line– we took something that was created in Europe and improved it!

I’m not going to get all political here, dear reader.  But these Hemi sightings allowed me to briefly jump on my soapbox–let’s get back to making cool stuff and stop just trying to just get rich.

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