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karma automotive

What’s The Deal With Karma Automotive?

Does little good Karma turn you on? You’re not alone. The Fisker Karma has been a cult and celebrity favorite vehicle since its inception in 2012. Justin Bieber, Childish Gambino and Leonardo DiCaprio are among its fans. But then after...

Dear BMW, Zanardi Is Worth Every Penny

Do you watch motorsports? No? Endurance racing? No? Perfect. This story is especially for you. Because this is a story about a middle-aged guy who turned a catastrophe into a master class in tenacity. But before I tell you about...

Dear DMV, Why We Hate Front Plates

The other day I watched a friend of mine park his car. Before he got out, he reached into his glovebox  and grabbed his front plate, which he placed on his dash. ‘You too, huh?’ I said. ‘Yup’ he replied....

Dear Automakers, Dork Driving Is Real!

These days the automotive industry is filled with all kinds of glitz, glamour and big thinking. Autonomous driving! Car sharing! Nurburgring records! It’s all so very..impressive.  But something is missing. Something is wrong and I just couldn’t put my finger...

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