Come To Jesus Part II: The Popemobile, LA Style

Pope Francis is the real deal.  The Pope of the People.  He's the guy that lets greedy kids interrup mass.  The Pope that took the bus.  And just the other day, I saw him perform a Hollywood miracle.  It was at the intersection of Beverly and Robertson, a place where, on any given day, you can witness at least half of the deadly sins simutaneously.  Thus it seemed only fitting that the papal winged angels should drop this in plain sight:


What makes me think it was the Pope, you ask?  Well, besides the dramatic lighting (which is enough for me) there are plenty of clues.  Exhibit A:


Spanish Stroll? Organ pipes? Argentinian Priest?  Duh.  Maybe he was here to put the vapor-smoking, skinny jeanned waifs of Robertson Blvd in their place. Or perhaps he just wanted to duck into Starbucks, the dude has plenty of reasons to caffeinate.   No doubt he's hella fed up with hipster kabbala beads & kombucha.   This pope is more of a crosses and chains man (Exhibit B):



Note: the handicapped parking placard. Because if you're the 77 year old spiritual leader of 1.2 billion, you sure ain't schlepping across the Target parking lot for a 12 pack of Charmin.  Socialism has its limits.

Now, on the rare, farfetched chance that this lowrider isn't owned or operated by Pope Francis, I'm not hatin'.  It was still a gift from God.

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