Freak of the Week: The Prius Poser

5 Responses

  1. David P. says:

    It’s a wrap then!! lol

  2. SilverBRADo says:

    I’m down with carbon fiber, when it’s actual carbon fiber, and used for something other that trim pieces that didn’t weigh any more than the carbon fiber anyway. However, stick-on carbon fiber vinyl is just whack.

  3. David P. says:

    You’re so LA MHM! Beyond just looking cool, woven carbon fiber is light. I need not school you in physics, nor am I the right person to do so, but basically the more mass/weight you try to move the more energy you consume, so carbon fiber is a good material choice for an energy efficient car. CF is about 30% lighter then Aluminum, but the cost to manufacture is higher so not to worry MHM it’s not going to pop up on your mass market production car models any time soon, so what’s a Prius owner to do?!?

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