Only In LA: For Pete’s Sake Go To The Petersen Automotive Museum

I love museums. Don’t you? I know.  We’re both full of it. We only really go so we can tell people that we’ve been, we’ve seen it, & it was “amazing.”  But it wasn’t. We kinda both wish we had stayed home and used that valuable time to catch up on something equally educational, like “Long Island Medium.”  But we don’t. We go. Just to say we’ve been.  I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Here in Los Angeles, nobody really gives a flying carpet.  We’ve got world class museums up the wazoo, but nobody really expects you to go, which is a fantastic relief. Here’s what Mama does expect though– you to get your lazy ass to the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to think too hard. And you’re gonna have fun, because you don’t have to have BA in Art History or pretend to be anyone that you get it when you don’t.  Enjoying the Petersen Automotive Museum can be as simple as liking sparkles (um..and what kind of ANIMAL doesn’t like sparkles?):

Petersen sparkle car

Or bats:

Batcar Petersen Automotive Museum

Don’t worry, it’s got great artists too. Like Steve McQueen:

Petersen Automotive Museum Steve McQueenAnd Liberace:

Liberace Rolls Petersen Automotive Museum

The Petersen is like LA itself– not for those that take themselves too seriously. So, if you don’t like our slang & the sun hurts your eyes, then you’re sure as hell not going to love this E-type:


I dunno about you, but admiring a painting has never moved me to change my underpants.  But the Pete should come with drool bibs, buckets and baby wipes, cuz the place is amazing.  And if you think inside is great, don’t miss the parking lot:

IMG_5163It sure beats the grey hairs staring you down at the entrance to the Met.  I’m not knocking fine art, it’s got its place. But my place is at the Pete.


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  1. ron rader says:

    hey. tnx for showing my E Type.

    we just got back from to 1000 mile road trips with the XK 150.


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