Only In LA: How To Ruin A Supercar

If you’re stuck in traffic right now, you’re probably staring at a sea of Accord tail lights while you suffer through your third month of hail.  But living in LA is just different. When I’m stuck in traffic, it’s on PCH watching dolphins, hot surfers and Lambos. But before you go hatin’ too much, I will alert you that in Los Angeles, for every 10 exotics there’s at least one moron who can ruin it quicker than you can say “nouveau riche.”
Oh yes he did. And he’s not the only one.
Under that terrible purple haze & its equally offensive license plate, is an Acura NSX. The NSX ceased production in 2005 & has been so coveted since that defacing one is enough to cause a car dork to cry into his Miata. But it gets worse, I saw this guy at the track:
They may say ‘scared money don’t make money’ but I’ve heard that ‘stupid decals don’t make you drive faster.” I wouldn’t blame that poor M5 if it just drove itself into the barriers.
The only saving grace is that apparently this isn’t just an LA problem, a reader recently sent me this from the streets of Manhattan:
I’m considering a support group: MAADER– Mamas Against A-holes Defacing Exceptional Rides. Who’s in?

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