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The Badass Women Of Automotive: Jean Jennings

When I decided to start recognizing the badass women in the automotive industry, there was no question that I had to start with Jean Jennings. That’s not only because she shares a name with a porn star. Or because a post could mean that if one would enter the words “badass” & “automotive” into Google, the results may show “Jean Jennings” and “Motorhead Mama.” But...

Only In LA: The (Post Op) Petersen Museum

Mama heads over to the new & improved Petersen Automotive Museum to check it out before it opens. Is it awesome? I dunno, do you like Entourage, penthouses and scratch & sniff Daniel Craig? How about Ferraris, Bugattis or the 1933 Duesenberg that cleaned up at Pebble Beach? I thought so…watch this:  

The LA Car Show–The Good, The Bad, the WTF?

Big confession– the LA car show has always eluded me.  They’re showing all the new cars? Big deal– wait for 20 minutes at the Malibu Chevron station and you’ll see that new car AND the celebrity driving it.  So, why oh why, dear reader, would I schlep downtown in the pouring rain, through scads of Latino Emos and white trash from the 909, and squeeze...

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