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Need A Reliable Ride? Porsche It Up!

JD Power just came out with its 2019 US Vehicle Dependability Study. Yawn… Who cares, right? Au contraire, my motor-loving friends. This important stuff. Because no matter how excited you are when you leave the dealership, your love affair with...

The Best Mom Cars Of 2018

Somebody said to me the other day, ‘You’re a mom? That’s amazing.’ As I smiled and gave the obligatory ‘Thanks’ all I could think was, Not really, dude. Simply remove the goalie, forget the pill or miss the expiration date...

4 Feel Good Gearhead Gifts To Get Now

Does your tree look like mine? Two weeks until Xmas and I’ve bought three (count ’em three) gifts total. Actually, technically, I only bought one of those, the other two are ones my kids are re-gifting to each other (#parentingwin)....

australian ute

Good Onya, Mate: 6 Awesome Australian Cars

I just returned from 10 fun-filled days Down Under. That’s right, Oz, Australia, The Outback.. no, not the steakhouse bitches, this is the real thing.  Of course, like any place I visit, I indulged in all of the automotive goodness...

Mama’s Hey Monday, Suck On This! Playlist

Tired? Angry? Anxious? Perhaps you’ve got a really bad case of the Mondays. And maybe you’re reading this on Thursday. But have no fear, there’s a whole new generation of musicians to soothe the savage beast with a wealth of...

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