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Pray For Rain: Why Mama Loves Me A Road Closure

Winter is not necessarily the driving enthusiast’s friend. Sleet. Snow. Rain. It can all lead to awful road conditions. Here in Southern California, the flash floods combined with forest fires can create rock slides and mud slides that are no joke. In fact, here’s a photo in my town after a particularly memorable rock slid down the hill in 2005. Yikes. Just two weeks ago,...

Get Your Moto-Mojo Back: Mama’s 5 Easy Steps

A few weeks ago, I slipped a disc in my back.  It’s such a pathetic, middle-aged tale of woe, I wouldn’t dare bore you with the details.  But it’s painful as hell and makes it impossible for me to do two of my favorite things: drive aggressively and exercise.  As a result, I noticed something about myself as of late: I lost my mojo. The...

On The Road With Mama: Chapter 1 PCH

Funny thing about moving to LA is that, at first, everyone mocks you. “Are you gonna get fake boobs?” they ask. (Hell yeah I am. Right away.) “Make sure to read the NY Times, everyone out there is dumb.” they say. (I prefer to study the LA art of converting stupidity into cash) “You’ll be back next year”  they say.  (But I didn’t.) I’ll tell you what did happen,...

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